Sunday, June 24

Review #8: My Scheming Milk Extract Brightening Mask

as i'm eager to waste my money on last friday, i decided to buy this My Scheming mask. i found three of them, anti collagen, bird nest, and this milk brightening one. so i choose the one that can brighten up my face, of course \(^..^)/ lets get crackin' <-- what's that?

My Scheming Milk Extract Brightening Mask

i realize i want to pamper my self, and i heard a lot of good things abt this mask. so i decided to buy it and try it my self.

so sorry for the teared up sachet, i forgot to take a picture before i use it, and i also forgot to take a photo of the mask sheet itself. ughhh~ what if i get married someday, will i forget my husband's name? <--- what's that? 

if you can't see the ingredient, i swear to you, no alcohol, but there's cucumber. hha! so lets get to the pros!

pros: love the smell, had milky scent to it, and a scent of no alcohol. ha! i love the fact that the really thin mask, can allow all the essence of the mask to absorb easily into the skin without hesitation and its also allow my skin to breathe during all the absorption and penetration process. oh oh, this mask doesnt has this big hole for eyes, it will cover under eyes too. it's really convenient for someone that suffer from dark under eyes, dryness around eyes area,. and i found its really useful to myself as i have slightly dark under eyes. well, it does smoothen out my face, bring my elasticity of my skin, i notice my skin kinda fair and translucent  after i used this mask. love the excess essence from the inside of the sachet. 

cons: not really hydrates my skin, irritated my flaky patch. the essence is just too much and slushy. its just dripping when i applied it to my face, other than that, mehh~ just another ordinary mask. 

Name: My Scheming Milk Extract Brightening Mask
Made in: Taiwan
Purchased at: Watson (only available at watson, if other drugs store retail it, it is the fake one) 
Volume: I sheet per sachet with 30ml essences.
Price: RM 6.90/2.16US$ (2/5) 
Value: love the scent, cute package really convinced me to buy it, likes the thin sheet mask, love the pearl paper that prevent the mask from tearing up the mask when you unfold it. 
Overall: nice, just nice though. nothing extra special, (>o<)/ 

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