Saturday, June 16

Review #7 Purederm Skin Recovery Pearl Essence Mask

So i came across this product when i was at the Watson the other day. the packaging already convince me to buy it. not only that, i came through severe flaky dry skin and it's horrible. plus sunburn and this mask also the first mask i ever use in 2 months. things get tough, just finished with my vicious test at school, and continue to study and study. no rest at all. so i bought this mask to pamper my dehydration skin :D

this how the mask packaging looks like. it looks like a jar, riteeee :D it stated on the front of the packaging, that pearl powder has been a beauty essentials to korean women to brighten up and smooth out their skin. sounds promising~ this mask also claim to tighten pores, hydrating and smoothen the skin. which i found quite impressive myself.

make sure to cleanse your face first~ 

pros: smoothen my face, tighten my pores. makes my face glow! and the best thing about this mask is that it has this under eye patch? how am i supposed to say this? it's attached with the mask, and you can stick the patch under your eyes. really don't know how to say it. T.T i wanna took some picture but i threw the mask away instead, aha! the mask really freshen up my skin! as i lay it down onto my skin, my face freeze! it's so cold! and it sooth my skin. and and! the mask is really thin, it makes the skin to be able to breath and provide close adhesion to the skin. so that the essence can penetrate and soak into your skin easily :)

cons: not brighten up my face as it claims, doesn't hydrates my face so much. i still got some flaky patch under my eyes and on my mouth corner. felt a little sting, but gone in 15sec i guess, haha other than that, good mask :D will buy it again!

Name: Purederm Skin Recovery Pearl Essence Mask
Volume: 1 sheet per packet
Made in: Korea
Value: love the packaging, love the smells (which smells like pharmacy), love the eye patch/ eye flap for under the eye area.
Price: RM 5.90 / 1.69$ (approx) 1/5
Purchased at: Watson
Overall: like it not love it, but definitely will buy it again for my skin pampering time :)

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