Thursday, June 14

DIY Color Blocked Bag

 i got this bag and i don't really like the color of it so i just set the bag in my wardrobe for years and never wear it again. but, last week i saw this one girl wearing the same bag as mine, but accept she had this bright coral color block on her bag which i found super cool and pretty and doable and mostly fun to make. so i came up with this blue lake color blocked bag that i painted with acrylic color ♥

you'll need:
- the old bag
- acrylic color of your choice (mine was blue lake)
- container 
- brushes
- sticky tape

this project is really simple. just covered the edges of the bag where you don't want to be paint, with sticky tape. and then start painting! 

1st coat

2nd coat

i don't just stop at the second coat, i coat them until the color looks really opaque which mine was 4 coat. and the blue color goes so well with the original dark brown color of the bag. btw, the red indian skull chain is actually my necklace. just want to jazz up the picture a bit. aha! (bulls)

peace out 

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