Thursday, March 15

Review #6: Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Face Wash (Shirojyun)

Time to shine~

so! i got prettay bad burnt up all 5 years since i was 12 years old. i've been active in all sports and stuff. camping under the sun. running through the heat makes me lost my swag on. haha. bite me, i got swag i know it. so! i doesn't have a problem on being tan as my dad's tan and majority of my friends are tan. but! my mom doesn't like it. hahah! *sigh* she said i does not look like her when i'm all tanned up *what?* well my sister is pretty fair. she got it from my mom. and i looks like thai people got adopted by some chinesse family. yay! so i found this punk! <--- in goood way~

Hada Labo!

it's a japanese product. the whitening toner called (there's two of them) Arbutin Whitening Lotion and Whiten & Hydrate Lotion and it's a toner. you know this asia thingy. lotion is a toner. and rice is a sushi. hihi! and and, this japanese product called Hada Labo, is prettaayy hot out there. it's stated that this is the No.1 whitening or hydrating product in Japan on the plastic that wrapping the tube,when i bought this rockstar,  as i remember it. i guess? i looked up the web site here (click it!) and i amazed~

so i bought the cleanser for start. and i love it! horribly loving it! so it comes in white tube like in the pic (above) it have flip cap and not to big not to small hole so we can control the amount of the cleanser we wanna use.  i use twice a day but sometime i skip using it twice and use once a day instead. i'm afraid that my face will dry out. because i always thought the arbutin that promise to double whiten and brighten the complexion is pretty strong. nvrmind. get to the pros first!

pros: brighten up my face in no time for SURE, does not broke my skin out. i love the citrus smell. if you ever used or smell Neutrogena Deep Clean Moisturising Cleanser, they smells pretty the same. the neutrogena might be a little bit stronger than hada labo one. really nice! low irritation. as it stated in the description at the back of the tube. it's trueee~ it does sting a bit if my skin is dry and flaky when i use them. its contain Hyaluronic acid that keep face from dry out badly. oh! and free from alcohol ♥ 

the ingredients. can't tell if you guys see the writing. so the cons: it does dry out my face :( not badly if course. it just dry my skin a little. i definitely put on moisturiser after i cleanse my face. 
 that's it! what not to like about this product? ;)

that's how the texture and the color of the cleanser. pearly white. i really like the fact that i just need a really small amount of this product to wash my face. :D awesome. see how dark my hand is? hehe. after i lather the product on my face, i lather the residue on my hand. ~~~ so that the color of my face and my hand will be the same :)

Name: Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Face Wash
Volume: 100g 
Made in: China (at first i thought damn this ain't real and i'm scared)
Value: The plastic wrapping the product is kinda reasonable just in case the product might be damage during the moving and wtv it is. Love the smell, really mild and not strong at all.
Price: RM 28.90/ 9.45$ (pretty affordable 4/5)
Purchased at: Drugstore
Overall: NICE! will repurchase. i want to try the toner!