Saturday, February 4

Talking #3

talking talking random stuff ♥

so i bought this mask as i went to "drug store" shopping with my friend earlier this noon and i bought this whitening mask from BeautyMate call Purifying And Brightening Nano Mask. i'm attracted to the packaging and all of those wild japanese writing. made me wanna buy it! i'm going to make a review on that later, as i'm now charging my camera. got a good feeling about this mask! :D and i'm also waiting for my glitter eyeliner to arrive. i ordered his eyeliner from a boutique? i don't know what kind of store or shop it is but they sold couple tees, dress, evening gown, cosmetic, and cute stuff through a catalog. you have to order to get stuff. not prefer to buy clothes there as all of them is in free size. asian clothes on free size are not normal. it's small~ more over on the sleeves part. arghh! their clothes are cute T.T

anyway! i bought the sparkle glitter eyeliner just to make a tutorial on KPOP inspired eyeliner look. it is really catchy and i love it! currently my everyday eyemakeup. yup, so the up coming vid on youtube is this look. gotta wait for next week till my eyeliner is available. so. roger and out!!!!

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