Saturday, February 18

EOTD #1: Kpop Inspired Makeup ^^

i like kpop!  so i made this look using goo hara, jiyeon, hyosung and park gyuri images as a guide. 

 click here for my version of kpop inspired makeup look on youtube :)

Sunday, February 5

Review #5: BeautyMate Purifying and Brightening Nano Mask (japanese products)

heya! ♥

so, i crashed into The Guardian to find the Nivea Visage White Sparkling Whitening Mask and they didn't have it. unavailable at The Watson as well. so i went to this drug store, an i ended up like stupid mad cow when i try to search for the mask. and i found nivea section, but no mask~ and there's alot of mask queued up at this one particular section  and i look for the nivea one. not there. !!!!!!! !@#$%^&*()  and at the very bottom of the rack, i found this cheap mask! it's from japan, and the japanese writing is really attract me to buy it.

this one is in purifying and brightening nano mask. when i read the NANO word. my heart keep saying "buy it you fool buy it" and then i bought it! hoooo~ satisfied! :) 

and read the description at the back of the violet colored foil sachet, it state that this mask contain newest nano technology from japan that supposed to brighten up your face and purify it to boost up your skin moisture. the whitening ingredient is black pearl powder. didn't know that black pearl can brights someone skin hemm~ that's interesting! that's why bought it :p 

  i tried it on my cleanse face. it's really cold! lets go thro the pros: it's really refreshing! the residue/essence of the mask is in gel form, so, when i put it on my face, it doesn't slide down. doesn't feel itchy. does not contain alcohol at all. so fragrance less. smells like natural antibiotic medicine? haha. smells pretty the same to the Nivea Whitening Mask. after 15 minute i took it off, the residue is 80% has been absorbed into my face comparing to the Nivea one. i can tell by squeezing the residue from the mask, its came out less than the nivea one that doesn't absorb well. this mask also made my skin soft but not as soft as the nivea one. i really can tell the different after i took of the mask. my skin get a little fairer. it is also contain Hyaluronic Acid! that is believe to make your skin super hydration and any skin care that contain this particular ingredient is really radical~

(above) this is the plastic cover that came with the mask. it's folded together with the mask so that the mask didn't stick and not tear when you unfold the mask. really convenient! 

actually it has the same ingredients as my cleanser from Cetaphil. Canada's product. not all of them but mainly, yeah. awesome! so the cons: the nivea one making my skin more softer rather than this one. but, my skin does become soft. my skin does not instantly bright but i can tell the different. you have to use it twice ot once a week to get complete bright skin. other than that, this mask is really cool! i really like them and will repurchase. i think i'll ditch nivea white sparkling range tough. i think it's more convenient to use only mask to brighten up your face. it's also state that you only have to use this mask to fair up your complexion. rather than nivea, i have to use the whole product of nivea, pricey~ doesn't have that much of money~ so i'm gonna stick with this mask ♥

i don't know where does this mask originally come from but it's in Japanese writing , the email is in Hong Kong and it's made in Taiwan, somebody please clear this up =..= 

Name: BeautyMate Purifying and Brightening Nano Mask 
Purchased at: Drug Store (also available at 7Eleven, surprised?)
Value: The violet colour is really fascinating, liking the Japanese font on the card,  i like the pamphlet provided, i like all of the information stated on the envelope, love the no alcohol and the smell. 
Volume: 1 sheet in 1 packet
Price: RM 5.90/ 1.96$ (1/5)
Overall: love it so much, have a good feeling about this product, gotta try it again to see the result. if it isn't working, i'll change back to the nivea visage range :) will repurchase!

Saturday, February 4

Talking #3

talking talking random stuff ♥

so i bought this mask as i went to "drug store" shopping with my friend earlier this noon and i bought this whitening mask from BeautyMate call Purifying And Brightening Nano Mask. i'm attracted to the packaging and all of those wild japanese writing. made me wanna buy it! i'm going to make a review on that later, as i'm now charging my camera. got a good feeling about this mask! :D and i'm also waiting for my glitter eyeliner to arrive. i ordered his eyeliner from a boutique? i don't know what kind of store or shop it is but they sold couple tees, dress, evening gown, cosmetic, and cute stuff through a catalog. you have to order to get stuff. not prefer to buy clothes there as all of them is in free size. asian clothes on free size are not normal. it's small~ more over on the sleeves part. arghh! their clothes are cute T.T

anyway! i bought the sparkle glitter eyeliner just to make a tutorial on KPOP inspired eyeliner look. it is really catchy and i love it! currently my everyday eyemakeup. yup, so the up coming vid on youtube is this look. gotta wait for next week till my eyeliner is available. so. roger and out!!!!