Tuesday, January 3

Review #1: Lucido-L Designing Pump Hair Jelly


   hey Hot Buns, so this is my fist review on hair products. i purchase this about on May 2011, and clearly it's almost finish. i cut down my hair into asian mullet style but my hair is not originally straight. so i need something that straight out my hair without using heat or flat iron, so that my hair will not damage. and i found this cuties at the hair care section at my local drugstore The Guardian. Bought this when it's on discount.

as you can see, it came in light blue container. it's 100+ ml approximately. it's doesn't state the information so, i only guess it. ~ the pros: the ingredients are really awesome. it's water base, so it's not sticky, not clumping my hair, dry fast, smoothens my hair. and also its contain panthenol and soy bean PPT. it's a hair care ingredients. it's also give a glossy finish. my hair looks natural. it's also control the frizzness, and dryness. my hair looks really healthy.  i just use it one pump and spread it on my hair. i usually blow my hair after wearing this product it can create compact straight hair. its last the whole day. ouh, not forgetting, there's a setting power stated on the sticker at the bottle, the function of the setting power is it helps you to set the heat on your hair dryer. just awesome. 

the cons: the smell is not green floral scent as it's stated. its smell more like spirit? no no, like a man deodorant. yeah. not natural. but, i kinda like the smell on my hair. it's last longer. a little bit pricey. yeah that's only it. 

Name : Lucido-L Designing Pump Hair jelly <Smooth Straight>
Purchased at : The Guardian (drug store)
Volume : 100+ ml (approx)
Value : Nice packaging colour. Because of the press pump, it's easy to control the amount of usage and avoiding wastage.                           
Price : 3/5 (when discount) 4/5 (off discount)
Overall : Will repurchase. Recommended. ^^

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