Saturday, January 21

Review #3: Nivea Visage Refreshing Moisture Mask

hey there cheese cakes!

so! i have really big problem with my skin. i just know that my skin is really can't accept the fact that the scrubber meant to makes my face soft. but my face start to get dry and scaly like shnizzle shizz! *ehemm excuse me. and when i stop using the scrubber and start focusing onto restore and retaining the moisture of my skin using Bio Oil, it's actually does hydrates my skin but the scale did not woooshhh away. i got tired with my friend keep saying that my face looks dry and scaly :( darn it! 

so, last week, i went shopping with my best friend and we were in The Guardian looking for *ehemmm. and then i just remember that i got extra money, and i thought why not i buy this lovelies :)

Nivea Visage Refreshing Moisture Mask

this is how it looks like. actually the upper part has been use yesterday and the result is da boom! 

a little sneak peek on the ingredients, as you can see, it has water base formula. 

this mask contain alcohol, and the fragrance is really way to divine and strong. it has the Nivea signature smell. the texture is kinda opaque blue color gel form. but it turns clear transparent gel after 15minutes. as it stated, it's intensively moisturize for refreshed skin. it does! my skin is really soft and moisturize. the scaly skin is vanish away and leaves my skin super soft and refreshingly cool. it does its job, and hands down , the best moisturizing mask i ever use. ♥ hihi~ it's really cool to having one packet and two applications and it's already being divided into two. but i forgot to take a picture of the packaging before using it :p so yeah, the description also stated to use it after you cleanse your face. 

it's a little bit tacky and sticky at first, but turning into gel after 15 minutes is awesome. but when i want to wash away the residue, the slimy residue still sticking on my face, so, wash your face with icy cold water, this is not also help the slimy residue to wash out easily, it's also will tightening your pores :) and then just pat your face with clean towel. i have nothing else to say, i'll buy it again !

Name: Nivea Visage Refreshing Moisture Mask
Purchased at: The Guardian
Value: it comes with one packet two application. the mask color is really pretty bluish green itself. the odour is kinda strong, *fine with me. 
Volume: 7.5ml each (x2)
Price: RM5.90  1/5 (awesome)
Overall: gotta buy it again, gotta use it again, i can't understand when other people said there's nothing stand out from this product. bulls~ i'll definitely recommend it. will repurchase :)

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