Sunday, January 8

Review #2: HyperSharp Liner, Maybelline New York


hey there pumpkin pie, 
so today is the review on one of my fav eyeliner. it is HyperSharp Liner from Maybelline. i bought this about 3 months ago, and so far i already repurchased it twice. i really likes it because the color is really vibrant. it stays on my eyes longer, ~~~

so this is the packaging. it's comes in black and gold. simple and attractive o.O it's not pricey at all. i bought it for only RM18. so it's really affordable.

as you can see, it has felt tip, so it glides on my eye lid and crease area smoothly and it can creates really thin line without messing up and smudge. BUT! the cons is, it is not waterproof, when i touch my eyes while wearing this, it does smudge. sometimes when the weather kinda humid and hot, it's spread out from my eyes and creates Panda's eyes on mine. and after 3months the felt tip tend to be dry and the liquid does not come out! 

*some swatches. the very right is the right color and size? i guess. draw it with only one stroke, while others, i kinda testing it on my hand because it is dry!!! arghh. 

this is me, wearing it after 6 hours. so, yeah.

Name: HyperSharp Liner, Maybelline New York in Black
Purchased at: The Guardian (drug store)
Value: Nice simple black and gold packaging. felt tip makes easy to apply. Odourless.
Volume: Not stated.
Price: 2/5 (awesome)
Overall: Repurchase, maybe not. thinking to try another brand ^^

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