Monday, January 23

OOTD #1: Summer Girls Day Out

hey cutey one :D so i decided to throw another beauty segment. that is OOTD (outfit of the day) yaayy~ and this is my first one. it's call Summer Girls Day Out. as i live in tropical climate country, there's no other can prevent me from doing summer look. my sister just got this button up  flowy fabric shirt and a new watch :D and i thought lets do the OOTD segment. and my sister helps alot. :) 

first, for this look. i usually tuck in my shirt and get the shiny black leather belt on with navy blue skinny jeans. it's really simple and casual look. because the weather gonna be so hot and humid, the flowy thin fabric shirt helps alot, with not being worried about being uncomfortable as the air will flow into this thin fabric shirt effortlessly. :)

okay, move on for the accessories. here, i put up some copper, silver and black colored metal bangle with a touch of my new white strap with alot of zirconia stones watch :) love them! ^^ just a touch of fab won't harm.

and one other hand, i got this huge statement wooden bangle that i got from Langkawi Island, Malaysia. and it's alrady become a statement on my hand, so i decided not to throw anything else. even a necklace, as people said, a little goes a long way. so, simple is enough. 

the bag~ i really like satchel bag. it's really convenient to throw anything inside it and walk rather than small handbag that has fame but function less. i like brown colored handbag because it goes with anything. any color of your outfit is just suitable with either dark brown or light brown bag !

this bag has two function. you can wear it either hang it on your shoulder or just simply glam it up by hang it on your hand.

for the pants. i really like skinny jeans. it goes with every shoes. flat ballet, gladiator heels, pumps, boots, wedges, platform. everything. and for this look i prefer the 'comfortable' terms. so i put on my beaded, stoned sandal. it has a lot of stones and wooden bead. kinda remind me of aztec tribal :) i choose black colored sandal because i want the statement tribal accessories on the shoes to 'pop'. 

this is how it's looks like :) really nice. oh btw, the model is not me. it's my sister. she said she hate her feet because it's ugly. *not going to denied it* LOL.

Items mentioned is from:
flowy button up shirt: F.O.S (RM 55)
navy blue skinny jeans: B.U.M Equipment (RM 69 after discount)
tribal aztec sandals: VINCCI (RM 45 after discount)
white zirconia stones watch: VINCCI (RM 31.90 after discount)
statement wooden bangle: random souvenirs shop at Langkawi Island (RM 5.90)
copper, silver, black metal bangle: Alpha Angle Mall (RM 12) 

p/s: disclaimer, all of the items above i purchased it with my own money and all the pictures above i took it and edited it my self (with my sister help).

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