Monday, January 23

OOTD #1: Summer Girls Day Out

hey cutey one :D so i decided to throw another beauty segment. that is OOTD (outfit of the day) yaayy~ and this is my first one. it's call Summer Girls Day Out. as i live in tropical climate country, there's no other can prevent me from doing summer look. my sister just got this button up  flowy fabric shirt and a new watch :D and i thought lets do the OOTD segment. and my sister helps alot. :) 

first, for this look. i usually tuck in my shirt and get the shiny black leather belt on with navy blue skinny jeans. it's really simple and casual look. because the weather gonna be so hot and humid, the flowy thin fabric shirt helps alot, with not being worried about being uncomfortable as the air will flow into this thin fabric shirt effortlessly. :)

okay, move on for the accessories. here, i put up some copper, silver and black colored metal bangle with a touch of my new white strap with alot of zirconia stones watch :) love them! ^^ just a touch of fab won't harm.

and one other hand, i got this huge statement wooden bangle that i got from Langkawi Island, Malaysia. and it's alrady become a statement on my hand, so i decided not to throw anything else. even a necklace, as people said, a little goes a long way. so, simple is enough. 

the bag~ i really like satchel bag. it's really convenient to throw anything inside it and walk rather than small handbag that has fame but function less. i like brown colored handbag because it goes with anything. any color of your outfit is just suitable with either dark brown or light brown bag !

this bag has two function. you can wear it either hang it on your shoulder or just simply glam it up by hang it on your hand.

for the pants. i really like skinny jeans. it goes with every shoes. flat ballet, gladiator heels, pumps, boots, wedges, platform. everything. and for this look i prefer the 'comfortable' terms. so i put on my beaded, stoned sandal. it has a lot of stones and wooden bead. kinda remind me of aztec tribal :) i choose black colored sandal because i want the statement tribal accessories on the shoes to 'pop'. 

this is how it's looks like :) really nice. oh btw, the model is not me. it's my sister. she said she hate her feet because it's ugly. *not going to denied it* LOL.

Items mentioned is from:
flowy button up shirt: F.O.S (RM 55)
navy blue skinny jeans: B.U.M Equipment (RM 69 after discount)
tribal aztec sandals: VINCCI (RM 45 after discount)
white zirconia stones watch: VINCCI (RM 31.90 after discount)
statement wooden bangle: random souvenirs shop at Langkawi Island (RM 5.90)
copper, silver, black metal bangle: Alpha Angle Mall (RM 12) 

p/s: disclaimer, all of the items above i purchased it with my own money and all the pictures above i took it and edited it my self (with my sister help).

Saturday, January 21

Review #4: Nivea Visage Sparkling White Pore Minimizing Double Action Whitening Mask

hey bunnies! 

so i already wrote my review on other Nivea Visage mask. and as i already fall in love with Nivea's product, why not i try this whitening mask :D since i was 12 years old, i've been active in track pitch. i'm a sprinter, yeahhh. haha, because i live in this tropical climate country, i always be fried by the sun. and i got extremely dark sun tan. and the only part of my body that is still in its natural fair brown color is only my neck, body, legs and ears. and, yess, maybe because i got a mixed ethnic background from mongolian, to siamese to indian, and then javanese. and because of that i got this fair brown complexion? just like Latina girl~~

the problem is, because i already in fair brownish color, the color that i got for sunburn is not red, but darker brown tan blah! so i really need to brighten up my face all over again. and i grab this when i was at my local supermarket ♥

Nivea Visage White Sparkling Pore Minimizing Double Action Whitening Mask 

 damn, the name's too long! it comes in this kinda hard card envelope. this one is actually the new alcohol free with two times minimizing pores essence and double whitening ingredients, so, this pretty cool. i thought i can minimize my pores and also whiten up my complexion. yay! so this is my very first time doing it, wearing whitening mask. i'm 17 now, and my hormone drive me crazy, haha. 

the inner foil package. got only one sheet in one price :( but worth it :D it's in chinesse, haha. okay lets go through the pros: doesn't contain any alcohol, new formula makes my pores barely seen :) when it said it will bring the inner glow, it does. my face become instantly bright. not completely though. but, this is the first time wearing it, i'll be stupid if i said this products doesn't radical. even my face agree with this mask. i will try the other whitening products from this nivea range itself, and i'll let you know :) okay, then, my face is extra hydrated! extra soft, extra bright, my uneven skin tone is decreased. this mask is packed with goodies. the smell is not to strong. smells like antibiotic from clinic. haha. because it's alcohol free, it is also odourless. by odourless meant is, the fragrance does not strong. 

as you can read (above) it's contain vita B3 that will boosts skin's radiance, minimize pores, lighten up dark spot, and vanish the uneven skin tone. contain glycerin to deeply hydrates the skin instantly. it's true! and also contain vita B5 that soothes and strengthens the natural resistance of the skin. the result is, skin is hydrated and smooth. your complexion is visibly fairer and radiant instantly. it is also dermatologically approved.

the instruction is easy. unfold the mask, place the mask on your cleansed face and gently press it using your fingertips. when i use it, my face feels a little itchy as this mask is whitening mask that supposed to gently corrosive the stubborn dark pigments and all the sun burns. it's actually not that itchy though. hihi. after that, it's gone. and  after 15 minutes or so, take off the mask and massage the residues into the skin. what i did is, i cut the foil and i use all of the residue in the foil on my face, i keep massage it on my face until the gel is slightly disappear on my face. rinse my face using cold water pat it dry and done! and bam! it's really makes my face instantly radiant and glow. as i said, not completely fair yet. the instruction also said for optimal whitening results, use the whole range of Nivea Visage Sparkling White. 

Name: Nivea Visage Sparkling White Pore Minimizing Double Action Whitening Mask
Purchased at: Local supermarket (less pricey :p)
Value: the mask fit perfectly on my face, i like the less fragrance smells, i like the "expert whitening skin care regime" tips that is available in the inner side of the hard card packet. (can't take a photo of it because the card is violently destroyed)
Volume: one sheet in one packet.
Price: RM 7.90 1/5 (awesome)
Overall: it is really good whitening product i've use compare to others. and will repurchase. (have to use more than 2 weeks to got completely white skin)

Review #3: Nivea Visage Refreshing Moisture Mask

hey there cheese cakes!

so! i have really big problem with my skin. i just know that my skin is really can't accept the fact that the scrubber meant to makes my face soft. but my face start to get dry and scaly like shnizzle shizz! *ehemm excuse me. and when i stop using the scrubber and start focusing onto restore and retaining the moisture of my skin using Bio Oil, it's actually does hydrates my skin but the scale did not woooshhh away. i got tired with my friend keep saying that my face looks dry and scaly :( darn it! 

so, last week, i went shopping with my best friend and we were in The Guardian looking for *ehemmm. and then i just remember that i got extra money, and i thought why not i buy this lovelies :)

Nivea Visage Refreshing Moisture Mask

this is how it looks like. actually the upper part has been use yesterday and the result is da boom! 

a little sneak peek on the ingredients, as you can see, it has water base formula. 

this mask contain alcohol, and the fragrance is really way to divine and strong. it has the Nivea signature smell. the texture is kinda opaque blue color gel form. but it turns clear transparent gel after 15minutes. as it stated, it's intensively moisturize for refreshed skin. it does! my skin is really soft and moisturize. the scaly skin is vanish away and leaves my skin super soft and refreshingly cool. it does its job, and hands down , the best moisturizing mask i ever use. ♥ hihi~ it's really cool to having one packet and two applications and it's already being divided into two. but i forgot to take a picture of the packaging before using it :p so yeah, the description also stated to use it after you cleanse your face. 

it's a little bit tacky and sticky at first, but turning into gel after 15 minutes is awesome. but when i want to wash away the residue, the slimy residue still sticking on my face, so, wash your face with icy cold water, this is not also help the slimy residue to wash out easily, it's also will tightening your pores :) and then just pat your face with clean towel. i have nothing else to say, i'll buy it again !

Name: Nivea Visage Refreshing Moisture Mask
Purchased at: The Guardian
Value: it comes with one packet two application. the mask color is really pretty bluish green itself. the odour is kinda strong, *fine with me. 
Volume: 7.5ml each (x2)
Price: RM5.90  1/5 (awesome)
Overall: gotta buy it again, gotta use it again, i can't understand when other people said there's nothing stand out from this product. bulls~ i'll definitely recommend it. will repurchase :)

Sunday, January 8

Review #2: HyperSharp Liner, Maybelline New York


hey there pumpkin pie, 
so today is the review on one of my fav eyeliner. it is HyperSharp Liner from Maybelline. i bought this about 3 months ago, and so far i already repurchased it twice. i really likes it because the color is really vibrant. it stays on my eyes longer, ~~~

so this is the packaging. it's comes in black and gold. simple and attractive o.O it's not pricey at all. i bought it for only RM18. so it's really affordable.

as you can see, it has felt tip, so it glides on my eye lid and crease area smoothly and it can creates really thin line without messing up and smudge. BUT! the cons is, it is not waterproof, when i touch my eyes while wearing this, it does smudge. sometimes when the weather kinda humid and hot, it's spread out from my eyes and creates Panda's eyes on mine. and after 3months the felt tip tend to be dry and the liquid does not come out! 

*some swatches. the very right is the right color and size? i guess. draw it with only one stroke, while others, i kinda testing it on my hand because it is dry!!! arghh. 

this is me, wearing it after 6 hours. so, yeah.

Name: HyperSharp Liner, Maybelline New York in Black
Purchased at: The Guardian (drug store)
Value: Nice simple black and gold packaging. felt tip makes easy to apply. Odourless.
Volume: Not stated.
Price: 2/5 (awesome)
Overall: Repurchase, maybe not. thinking to try another brand ^^

Tuesday, January 3

Review #1: Lucido-L Designing Pump Hair Jelly


   hey Hot Buns, so this is my fist review on hair products. i purchase this about on May 2011, and clearly it's almost finish. i cut down my hair into asian mullet style but my hair is not originally straight. so i need something that straight out my hair without using heat or flat iron, so that my hair will not damage. and i found this cuties at the hair care section at my local drugstore The Guardian. Bought this when it's on discount.

as you can see, it came in light blue container. it's 100+ ml approximately. it's doesn't state the information so, i only guess it. ~ the pros: the ingredients are really awesome. it's water base, so it's not sticky, not clumping my hair, dry fast, smoothens my hair. and also its contain panthenol and soy bean PPT. it's a hair care ingredients. it's also give a glossy finish. my hair looks natural. it's also control the frizzness, and dryness. my hair looks really healthy.  i just use it one pump and spread it on my hair. i usually blow my hair after wearing this product it can create compact straight hair. its last the whole day. ouh, not forgetting, there's a setting power stated on the sticker at the bottle, the function of the setting power is it helps you to set the heat on your hair dryer. just awesome. 

the cons: the smell is not green floral scent as it's stated. its smell more like spirit? no no, like a man deodorant. yeah. not natural. but, i kinda like the smell on my hair. it's last longer. a little bit pricey. yeah that's only it. 

Name : Lucido-L Designing Pump Hair jelly <Smooth Straight>
Purchased at : The Guardian (drug store)
Volume : 100+ ml (approx)
Value : Nice packaging colour. Because of the press pump, it's easy to control the amount of usage and avoiding wastage.                           
Price : 3/5 (when discount) 4/5 (off discount)
Overall : Will repurchase. Recommended. ^^

Monday, January 2

Talking #2

hey there chubby bunny! 

I decided to go far by including a beauty stuff randomly in this blog. Maybe a little Asian Beauty Products haul. Maybe even a products review. I like to random buy beauty products. So, maybe there's one that i like, i'll tell you guys, and maybe there's one i didn't like, i'll make a WARNING post for you guys about the stuff i find it's not good. I also really like to play with my hair. I like changing the style. straight, wavy, blahhh~ and because of that, i always spend my money onto my hair care product, or hair styling product. Not to forget, i only purchase Drug Store product, that i found it's affordable and high in quality. any way! I'll make the review soon. So, i hope the next beauty post will help you guys a lot <3 

P/S: support me if you believe that you a beautiful, confidence and successful teenagers 
because i know i am and i'm sure you are ^^