Tuesday, December 27

DIY Old Paper using Coffee

 hey guys! so this is the tutorial on how to make your own antique, vintage, old, paper using coffee :) i really like antique and vintage stuff and i made this paper because i want to use it on my scrapbook. i will post the scrapbook making, later. :) so, enjoy !

1. what you will need is:
-a paper you want to stain
-a hot water in a mug
-instant fine grind coffee
-a tray 
-an oven (150degree celcius)
-paper towel

2. first, pour the coffee that you already mix with the hot water on top of the paper. and let the paper soak the colour of the coffee for a while. 

3. next, taking a fine grind coffee, sprinkle on top of the wet paper, and let it set for a minute. 

4. dab the excess coffee with a paper towel, and sprinkle the coffee grind some more, the more you sprinkle it the more ancient the paper looks like. 

5. put the tray with the paper in the oven and let it dry for 3-5 minute. the edges should be a little darker, and slightly burn. that's what we want.

6. take out the paper, and if it's still wet, use a hairdryer to accelerate the drying process. 

and this is what its looks like. i'll be using this on my next DIY how to. so, till then :) byebye

P/S: Awesome

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