Tuesday, December 27

DIY Vintage Scrapbook

hey guys! another tutorial! yay! so, this time i'm making a scrapbook for 2012. as 2012 is my last school year, i'll be senior. sweet 7teen. haha, and also i got an idea to make a vintage, antique style scrapbook, as i LOVE dark vintage, rock stuff, bla bla. so, hope you like it!

1. what you'll need is:
-glue stick
-pen/pencil (in case)
-any type of vintage picture ( mine is, vintage map and vintage letter)
-hard card (for the cover)
-patterned paper
-a lot of A4 paper

2. first cute out an alphabet forming any words of your choice. i cut out words MY LIFE. and the paper that i used is my school book's cover. it has a nice brown colour, and it's slightly hard, after all it's recycle paper. looks nice with my vintage theme.

3. next prepare the cover. i made my own scrapbook's cover. i paint my cover using poster colour. and i made the bow on the top of the cover my self. check it out here DIY Vintage Lace Bow.

4. cut out the picture that you desire. i put the map on the very left of my cover. 1/3 of the cover. and i cut out some ribbon to put it across the cover, diagonally. 

5. paste the ribbon, and stick the vintage letter picture overlapping the ribbon. just to show some creativity. 

6. next taking the alphabets and some of them i print it out from the computer. and a piece of paper that o made them look old. here's the link DIY Old Paper using Coffee. if you want to makes the old paper.
stick them together where ever you want. your choice, your creativity.

what i did here is, i cut out AWESOME words from the old vintage paper that i made, and my D.O.B. i also overlapping the words my awesome life over the piece of the old vintage paper.

i also cut out the piece of the paper, and wrote my weird name on them. and i stick it at the bottom of the cover.

i also accessorize them using my black bow and some ladybird paper clipper. 

i punched the edges of the cover so that i can put a paper in there, and using a ring to secure the punch's holes. i put the patterned paper that i cut out from a gift wrapper into the A4 size inside the scrap book. i really hate to tear the wrapper. i cry watching other people do that. so i use them back. 

this is the finish product! you can add more sticker, ribbon, on the cover. i'm gonna put scary goth girl picture. aha! bye bye :)

P/S: DIY lip stain coming up! don't know when but i got the idea!


  1. This reminds me of the gift that my girlfriend gave me during our first years together. The only difference is that the color was pink. Haha! She says that pink are for tough guys like me. Anyway, I like the idea of using cut out letters. Maybe you can try cutting out from old magazines to add a glossy effect to it!

  2. pink for a though guy, like the idea. haha. thanks btw, :)