Sunday, December 25

DIY Vintage Lace Bow

hey guys, so this is my second DIY how to, and today i'm gonna show you how to make a bow made out of lace. well the lace is actually a headband that i bought few years ago and i never wear it, so why waste it, if you can make a really cute vintage bow. :) and sorry for the lightning on the picture. i'll try to improves it :p

1. What you will need is:
-any type of lace fabric (mine is lace headband)
-rubber band
-organza ribbon (any type will do)
-a cute accessories (mine is ladybird's paper clipper)

2. first spread out your fabric vertically 

3. find the middle section of the fabric and press between your two fingers until it's fold up like the picture above

4. tie the middle section of the fabric with the rubber band and you'll see, it's starting to form like a bow shape. 

5. taking the nicest ribbon you had, wrap it around the rubber band, so that the rubber band will not showing off

6. and accessorize it with a cute accessories you had. 

i put the bow on my pencil case :)

i also made the black version with a flower made out of a black ribbon in the middle of that bow ;)

P/S: DIY old vintage paper's coming up!

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