Saturday, December 24

DIY Glittered Sneakers

 Hey guys, so this is my first DIY how to. and today i decided to make a glittered sneakers. using my old sneakers that i got and a glitter powder that i bought for about 2$. so i want to spice up the white rubber on the front of the sneakers as i saw the glittered sneakers in the Confession of a Shopaholic's movie. it's really cute! and i want that sneakers on my feet as well! so i ran to the craft store and bought adhesive latex glue and silver glitter powder. and BAM!!!

This are the steps on how i made them <3

1. What you will need is, 
-Sneakers or any type of footwear
-Fine glitter powder
-Duct/musking tape
-Various size of art brushes
-Adhesive latex glue or PVA glue (dry-clear)

2. Start with mixing the glue with the fine glitter powder. the reason i used fine glitter powder, is, i found it's really help to 'pop' the glitterness and also the coarse glitter powder might not do the best with covering the entire place that you want to glitter it up. i doesn't have a particular portions for the glue and the glitter. i just approximate the amount of the glue that just enough to cover a pair of my shoes.

3. Makesure to cover the edges of the shoes using the duct tape, so that the glitter will not ending to be at the place you don't want. taking the art brush, and start to apply the glue mix on to the shoe. and in my case, i like to put it at the very front rubber that covered the toe. just apply it until the white rubber are disappear. don't worry if it's looks sloppy.

4. With the glue mix is still tacky and wet, dust the glitter on top of it until the glitter is covering the white part of the glue. this step is important as we want the glitter to be really covering up the shoes and leave no gap. 

5. To secure the glitter, apply the glue mix again just so the glitter will stick permanently. don't have to worry about the colour of the glue as the glue will end up clear and transparent as it's dry, giving the glitter part of the shoes glossy finish.

6. Taking the fine brush you got, load it with the glue mix

7. Apply the glue mix on the shoe lace's ring. you don't have to dust the glitter powder and apply the glue mix in this step. just simply coat the ring and wait for the glue to become transparent. the left is only the glitter stick on the ring, if the amount of the glitter is not enough covering the ring, keep apply the glue mix until you get the opaque glitter covered. 

8. And this is how my shoe lace's rings look like. don't worry about the glitter being all over the place. i just sweep it using the dry brush. or using hair dryer. (haha)

9. Yesss i knowww. the glue is really taking a lot of time to dry. i'm really hungry at that time, and i haven't even get my shower yet. it's really hot and sweaty at that time because i turn off the fan so that my room will not turn into lady gaga's room covered by glitter. so i used my hair dryer, to accelerate the drying process. and it's works great! ~~

Tadadaaaa~~~ looks really nice isn't it!!! i can't wait to wear it in public. if i do, i'll snap some pict of me wearing the shoes, and upload it here. :) 

oh yeah, the remaining glue mix. i apply it on the plain silver rings that i have. well the ring get discoloured  and turns into green 'yukkss'ish in colour, daaa. then i have this idea, isn't it adorable? huhahuhaa

P/S: i'm happy :)

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